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This site contains application forms for various licensing functions of the City of Lambertville. For questions, please call the Clerk's Office at 609-397-0110.

The Application Forms are listed below:

    Dog and Cat License -

            click here for the Dog License,    

            click here for the Cat License
Dumpster Permits: click here for the dumpster permit.

Applications for a raffle or to hold Bingo require time for processing. All applicants should allow three months from start to finish for processing.

            Bingo License - click here for the application form.  

            Raffle License - click here for the application form.  

            Amend the bingo or raffle license - click here for the application form. 

Retail Food Establishment License 

            click here for the application form.

            Permit to Operate a Temporary Food Concession - click here for the application form.

Shade Tree Commission Tree Removal Form - click here for the application form.

Street Opening Permit - click here for the application form. This form must be submitted to the Clerk's Office and requires the NJDIG Number prior to submittal. 

Taxi License - licenses will be sold by auction. The next auction is scheduled for May of 2016.

Vending License - click here for the application form.

Ordinance 19-2011 Adopted November 17, 2011, established the Temporary Parking Permit for visitors. A copy of the Ordinance is available at the Clerk's Office and on the website under Ordinances in the Clerk's section. The parking application forms are below.

            Permanent Single Car Permit, click here.

            Part Time Resident Parking Permit, click here.    

            Multi-Car Permit, click here.

            Temporary Permit, click here.

Landlord Registration Forms are required to be filed by April 1. The fee is $50.

            Click here for the Landlord Registration Form.

            Click here for the AFFIDAVIT OF NO CHANGE.

            Click here for the Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Form.

OPRA Request Form. Click here for the OPRA Request Form.

Please note the Custodian of Record is as follows:

              Cynthia L. Ege - RMC for the Governing Body, email:

              Crystal Lawton - for all Construction, Fire Prevention, Planning and Zoning Matters,  

              Sally Lelie for a Police Matters, email:



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