Press Release 03/07/2021-03/21/2021

CASE #21002224
On March 07, 2021 at approximately 1135 hours, PTL Edler was detailed to CVS for a report of a female suspect attempting to obtain a fraudulent prescription.   The suspect is unknown at this time, PTL Edler is the investigating officer.

CASE #21002367
On March 11, 2021 at approximately 0949 hours, DET Bast was detailed to Delevan Street for a report of someone leaving pet waste on the victims’ property.  Merle Citron, 77 of Lambertville, NJ was charged with local ordinance 9-3.3 for improper removal of pet waste. DET Bast is the charging officer.

**Residents are encouraged to be cautious when dealing potential spam phone calls or other spam attempts.  If someone claims to be from a well-known company and asks for money in any form, you should contact the Lambertville Police Department immediately and refrain from providing the potential spam caller with any of your personal information.  Some spams ask for you to purchase gift cards and others ask for you to wire money directly to an unknown bank account.  Spams come in many forms that can include fraudulent emails, impersonation phone calls, and even pop-up viruses on your computer.  Be wary of these spam’s and provide no information to them prior to contacting the Lambertville Police Department.**



Any questions related to COVID-19 should be referred to the City of Lambertville’s website at