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18 York Street
Lambertville, NJ  08530 


Clerk Department

Bulk Trash Pickup Request

Request a special Bulk Trash pickup to dispose of large items.

Dumpster Permit

Apply to place a construction dumpster on the street.

Annual Landlord Registration

All owners of rental properties are required to register annually.


Make a request for Public Records.

Street Opening Permit Application

Obtain a permit to open the sidewalk for any reason. Includes gas line repair/replacement, sidewalk repair, or other purpose. 

Historic Preservation Site/Sign Approval Application

Permits are required to put up any sign, and are subject to review from the Zoning Board.

Parking Permits & Leases

Apply for a residential parking permit, parking lease (a designated spot in a municipal lot), or visitor's permit (2 week maximum). To be eligible for a residential parking permit, there must be a parking meter in front of your residence.

Facility Use Application

Apply to use a city park, pavilion, or event space.

Block Party Application

Apply to close your street for a neighborhood block party.

Tree Action Request

Before trimming, removing, or treating trees, your plan of action must be approved by the Shade Tree Commission. 

Annual Food License

Business and Restaurant Owners,
apply for your annual Retail
Food Establishment License. 

Temporary Food Concession Application

Food trucks and event planners,
apply for your Temporary Food 
Concession License.

Outdoor Dining License Application

Restaurant Owners, apply for permits to offer outdoor dining.
Permits are required for any outdoor dining on restaurant property,
as well as tables/chairs on the sidewalk or street.

Vending License

Required for business owners who operate jukeboxes
or other pay-to-play machines.

Pet License Application

All dogs and outdoor cats need to be registered annually. Up to date vaccination records are required.

Construction Department

Construction Permit

Some Work Permits can be entered online to streamline the process of obtaining your Permit. If you do not see the type of work you are performing, you will need to contact the Building Department directly.


If you have an Open Building Permit, you can request an Inspection for a Subcode and then select from a list of available dates.