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Resilient Lambertville

Resilient Lambertville

Greetings and thanks for visiting Lambertville’s Resilience Page!

A resilient Lambertville is educated, prepared, connected, mutually supportive, and equitable. We are equipped to withstand, adapt, and thrive when faced with adversity.

Resilience begins with you: Do you have flood insurance? Do you know how to communicate with your family during emergencies? Do you know how or when to shut off the power? Have you considered elevating your mechanicals to safeguard against future flooding? Have you read the NJDEP’s Climate Resilience for NJ or the 2020 NJ Climate Change Report?

One of the most important tools the City has to communicate with residents in an emergency is SMART911. Sign up for SMART911 to receive crucial emergency texts and voicemails from the City. This service can be a lifeline during crises!

Being informed is crucial. You are visiting this page, so I commend you on taking an important step in being prepared. The information here will support you as you make decisions to prepare yourself and your family for potential challenges. Knowledge is our greatest resource against uncertainty, and being informed can guide our actions toward building a more resilient community, one family at a time.

As you work toward your individual goals, let's also work together to build a more resilient community. Please contact me with suggestions about how your City government can continue to grow in resilience. We’re here for you, today and tomorrow, come what may.


Andrew J. Nowick

Mayor, City of Lambertville 

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Personal Preparedness

The City of Lambertville wants you to be ready in the event of an emergency. To be ready you need to be prepared. This page will help you think about
  • Different types of emergencies
  • How to stay informed
  • Things you may need
  • How to stay connected
  • What you may do if you need to leave your home

Natural Hazards