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Assistance in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

September 6, 2021— Lambertville, NJ —  In a time of so much loss, it has been heartening to see neighbors come together to help each other. The City of Lambertville, Hunterdon County, the State of New Jersey, and the Governor’s office have been working together in addressing one of the worst natural disasters that our community has ever faced. Lambertville has been recognized as a significant site within New Jersey’s official disaster declaration, making it eligible for federal funding and support to aid in the rebuild.

ida clean up in lambertville

Volunteers in the City of Lambertville work together on September 6th. 
(Credit: Jane, a volunteer)
The City's number one goal is to provide for the safety of our residents and our volunteers. An immediate necessary step towards that goal is to remove as much debris as possible. To that end, the City mobilized over 100 volunteers this morning to separate debris. This is a critical step that will allow for the County of Hunterdon to secure our State-approved contracts for trash and debris removal. As of this morning, the County is in possession of the Debris Removal Contract for authorization. Without the County’s support, the City of Lambertville could have never mobilized the relief needed to address the amount of debris. 
Together, Lambertville and the County of Hunterdon, as well as the State of New Jersey, will ensure that we get back on our feet. We will continue to focus on the job at hand-  recovery - and we hope that our community will join us. Politics have no place in a disaster. Political party, regionality, or ideology have never played a part in the decision-making process of our office of emergency management at any level. We are proud of the partnership between the County and the City as we address the real needs of our community - regardless of our political differences.  We have members of our community who have lost everything. The City of Lambertville’s OEM and Governing body has one focus - you, our community.
We are thankful for the role our County and State are playing in the recovery process. Most importantly, we are beyond thankful for our community’s willingness to go above and beyond for our neighbors in need.