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Update on 1/12 fire at the South Hunterdon Apartments from the Mayor

Lambertville, January 13, 2023

Mayor Andrew J. Nowick


It is with great sadness that I announce Lambertville resident David Sloane died yesterday as result of injuries sustained in Thursday morning’s fire at the South Hunterdon Apartments. A Naval veteran and an avid reader, Mr. Sloane had lived in his apartment since 2010 and assisted for years in the administration and maintenance of the apartment complex. The City joins his family and friends in mourning his tragic death and we extend our heartfelt condolences.

Lambertville Police Sergeant Anthony Memolo, Lambertville Police Officer Kevin Bereheiko, Volunteer Lambertville Fireman and Hunterdon County Deputy OEM Coordinator Andrew Camp, and Volunteer Lambertville Firemen Donald and Gavin Hart were the first to arrive on the scene. Outfitted in protective gear, Mr. Camp pulled Mr. Sloan from the fire and together the firemen removed Mr. Sloan to a safe location, after which Mr. Camp, Sergeant Memolo and Office Bereheiko largely extinguished the blaze.

Officer Bereheiko was treated for minor injuries at Hunterdon Medical Center and released. Sergeant Memolo was transferred to Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest and is expected to return home today. The three firemen suffered no injuries.

The City gratefully acknowledges the bravery and heroism of Sergeant Memolo, Officer Bereheiko, Mr. Donald Hart, Mr. Gavin Hart and Mr. Camp, and expresses further gratitude to all the first responders who raced to the scene. Through preparedness and a driven dedication to service and public safety, these emergency responders are ever ready to answer the call. On behalf of the City of Lambertville, I thank them for their commitment, courageousness, and quick action.


The cause of the fire was accidental.