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City of Lambertville Updates

3-30 Update
Update Date/Time Monday March 30th 2020 4:30 PM

Summary  As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, additional guidance and benefit programs are being made available to residents and businesses. Please review the resources below and continue taking the precautionary measures to help protect everyone in our community.

Governing Body meetings. See below for updates regarding the City’s April 7th Virtual City Council meeting.

Doing business with the City. Will continue to be mostly remote. We have made dropoff/pickup space available, and have a new call-in number for those without internet access to hear these updates. 

Scam warning. There are phony IRS calls asking you for your bank account number to deposit your Federal Direct Payments. Don't fall for it. No federal agency will contact you for sensitive personal information, you do not have to do anything to get your stimulus benefit. It will be sent directly to you. Click to read the FCC COVID-19 Consumer Warnings Alert 

We have helped organize some of the new financial assistance and other resources for members of the public:

Suggested Guidance for all members of public All members of the public should continue following the CDC guidelines and Executive Orders issued by the Governor to stay at home except for essential needs and some daily physical activity. 

Lambertville Parks and the Canal Path are still open to the public for passive recreation. All of the park equipment, including the basketball courts, are closed to the public until further notice. 

Social Distancing for Public Parks 101 

Status of City Facilities To help protect City staff and members of the public, the City has implemented a remote/staggered schedule that reduces the number of people in offices at any given time. Many processes that had been mandated by the State to be done by paper are now being moved online. We are continually moving new processes online. 

To see what you can do with the City remotely, please visit and select the “Save a trip to City Hall” document

You can contact any staff member at their email or phone number. 

Additionally, paper documents can be picked up and dropped off at the elevator/ADA entrance to City Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 - 4:30. Please limit the area to only one person at a time.

Status of Public Meetings We have created a new page to be the home for resources - how to access the meetings, when they are, and how to participate in them. 

The Governing Body will be holding a virtual City Council meeting on April 7th to process essential business, under guidance from the NJ Department of Community Affairs. This state guidance has been issued to make it possible for governing bodies to meet virtually during this state of emergency.

The City will provide guidelines for how the public can participate in virtual meetings during the COVID crisis. The City will be hosting a “trial meeting” on April 2nd from 6:00-6:30 PM with Mayor Fahl and Council President Beth Asaro. This “trial meeting” will allow for troubleshooting for members of the public and the board and to air any questions or further ideas about the public participation through virtual meetings. The call in information and directions will be made available for this call soon.  

With the understanding now that the City, similar to all public bodies in New Jersey, even including the New Jersey Legislature, will be meeting exclusively or primarily virtually for the foreseeable future, please head to our new virtual meeting resource page for information on how to stay engaged with the City during the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Works and Pickups Trash, recycling, and food waste pickups are on schedule at this time.

Street sweeper and Alternate Side Parking regulations are suspended until further notice. 

Convenience Center, at this time, for Saturday April 4th is open. DPW will be requiring social distancing and queuing to prevent group buildups.

The TREX plastic recycling program drop off is temporarily suspended. Please keep these items until we can resume collecting them.

Bulk permits: No dropoff is allowed at this time. Instead, call Public Works at 609-397-2230 to schedule a pickup from your residence. 
Resources for Businesses The New Jersey Economic Development Authority has made a number of new resources available. Please review this informational flyer they have created. 

The state is providing ongoing guidance to small businesses through this site  which focuses on businesses impacted by COVID-19 and ongoing state recommendations for business closures. 

Local Businesses should reach out to the state about crisis related concerns. Business Helpline at 1-800-Jersey-7 for crises-related info and assistance.  It is run and staffed by the New Jersey Business Action Center

Entire state of NJ accepted for SBA disaster Loan Program - learn more here:

Additional Resources

CDC Information

The information above is provided directly by the CDC. The City of Lambertville does not maintain this content.